Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes | DIY

We absolutely love these little guys, they are super fun to add to your wedding or party. We think it would be cute to have them served with coffee and tea, or on a candy table.
Another great idea would be to give them with bags of coffee or coffee cups as favors if you’re a coffee lover. A darling & daisy DIY original!
Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes | DIY Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes | DIY

Here are the instructions, enjoy!

small bowls
greaseproof paper (parchment/wax paper)
small heart-shaped cookie cutter
granulated sugar
food colours

1. Prepare bowl with sugar. Then add a tiny drop of food colour to the sugar, and a little water to make it damp. Mix until evenly coloured.

2. On a piece of greaseproof paper, push a small amount of sugar firmly into the heart cutter (see 1) and level the top with a spoon (see 2). Carefully lift off the cutter and let dry (see 3&4)**

3. Repeat until all the sugar is used up.

** note: make sure that you do not try and move the cubes until they are dry, about 1/2 hour