The Rustic Dining Room Tables Idea

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In ancient times, dining room is designed in the simple decorations without any concept. It is only used as a dining room so that people do not care about the aesthetic value. However, along with the development of interior design, modern people do not only pay attention to the function of room, but also the aesthetics of the decoration. When you are bored with modern design, rustic dining room tables are the most attractive alternative. What is the rustic? It is the concept that highlights the rough and unfinished textures. It is chosen for it is unique and different from the other classic designs. The colors on the rustic concept tend to be dark and powerful. When you choose the rustic table, you must pay attention to the raw materials.

Most rustic tables are made of wood. Choose pure hardwood materials such as teak, mahogany, walnut, maple or oak. Perhaps the price of hardwood is slightly more expensive, but it is very durable to use for decades. In addition, do not choose the composite wood for the rustic dining room tables. It is a mixture of hardwood and fine materials that are compressed into the board shape. Although it is durable, it is not as strong as hardwood. After determining the type of material, you also need to make sure the model of table. It must be adjusted to the size of the dining room.

For the small space, you are advised to choose an oval table. On the other hand, a rectangular table is very suitable for the large dining room since it can accommodate many people. The dimensions of rustic dining room tables also need attention. For the standard size, the table usually has a height of 28-30 inches. The important thing is that the table can provide the sufficient space above the knee and the balance size to the elbows when you sit down.

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