The Best Inspirations for Dining Room Rugs

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The comfort of the dining room cannot be separated from the role of flooring decoration. This is not only for the dining room, but also for the entire room in the house either on the interior or exterior design. If you are confused by the wide selection of materials for flooring, you can choose dining room rugs. It is a flooring cover that is suitable for all materials ranging from wood, tile to marble flooring. In fact, the rug is an additional element for interior decoration. However, it is very popular among people since it can bring charming warmth. In the dining room, rug is usually placed under the table.

When choosing the rug, make sure it is wider than the outer circumference of the dining table. If you choose the smaller size, it is feared you will be interrupted when you pull and push the chairs from the table. In addition, the smaller rug will also easily damage because it is often folded by the chair. Furthermore, choose the color of dining room rugs that can blend with the color of the room decor. The rug should be an element that bridges all the elements on the interior. In addition, it also can be used as accentuated elements if your room is dominated by the monochrome color. In anticipating the dirt and stains from food, choose the rug that is easy to clean.

Still related to the stain, choose the dark patterns and motifs. Although you regularly wash the rug, it is not easy to look dull. Next is to adjust the shape of the dining room rugs with models of dining table. For example, choose the rectangle rug for a rectangular table. This is one of the strategies to support harmony in decorating the dining room. The last one is that you must be careful in choosing the fur of rugs. Choose flat and thin rug to avoid the damage in the texture that is caused by friction on the chair legs.

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