Some Ideas for Living Room Dining Room Combo

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Not all people stay in a typical large space. Some of them, for certain reason choose to live in kind of tiny space. Anyway, for the one who choose tiny space as his/her living space, it can’t be helped that they must be more creative like applying something like living room and dining room combo. In fact, treat one space as two spaces, nowadays becomes such trend for any people who choose to stay in a typical petite space. And you know this kind of idea actually really is interesting. However, in the way to create a proper proportion between the two when you combine it, you can’t simply divide the space as two, why?


If you force the two spaces together by neglecting the important part, you will overwhelm the tiny space. Therefore, be sure you consider some of the ideas herein in the way to decor living room dining room combo properly. Room design or layout should be the first thing you need to think about when the idea about combine the two rooms in one space pops up on your mind. This way can ease you to arrange the furniture to divide the room, one for the dining room and one for the living room.


By designing the space, you also can figure out which one of the furniture that suitable to the idea and which one is not. After designing the space, be thoughtful about the color. If you expect to add two different colors be sure that the color well-blend together to avoid unnecessary clash for your living room dining room combo. For the color, since you have a typical petite room, be sure you splash a typical neutral or light color. Finish with the color, think about the furniture then. Throw away any big size furniture instead, pick the smaller one. The rest? For window treatment, hang the curtain high over the window frame. While for the lighting fixture, think about multiple lighting.

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