Some Basic Principles In Feng Shui Living Room

feng shui living room placement


When you believe that living room is more than just that spot to welcome guests, visitors or simply anyone, you may interest in feng shui living room. Living room feng shui is considered as an art of making the living room simply looks more welcoming and inviting, while the other possible outcomes are considered the benefit. Those possible outcomes may vary; start from simply a more relaxing atmosphere that has nothing to do with the living room couch, the happier vibe that has nothing to do with whether or not the talks are serious, and to even wealthier financial condition to be believed.


When it comes to room arrangement based on feng shui, some believe and some just do not. There is actually no harm if you apply feng shui principle to your room, especially to your living room. If you do not believe on the possible benefit outcomes, you can simply get a much fresher and organized layout. It is because naturally feng shui concept also highlights the importance of good layout and manageable space, especially in living room. So, you can try to apply just a better layout and arrangement in your living room and you may not realize that in time you are applying the concept of feng shui living room.


You can start by setting the sofa or the couch facing the main door and against the solid wall. The solid wall represents life support, and the main door represents way of many opportunities to come. In setting the sofas, there is rule you must consider too. L shape sofa or sectional is one to avoid, since it shapes resemble a pointing arrow with sharp points. In feng shui, it represents disruption. Since there are still many to know about feng shui living room, happy searching more then.

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