Simply, Easy, and Cheap Dorm Room Decorations  

dorm room design layout


Dorm is a place for you to stay while you are studying in another town. Well here maybe you need to be independent because you should organize everything by your own self. However you dont have to be worry because as the time goes by you will be adapted to the whole situation. The first thing you might think while you arrive at your dorm is about how you will arrange the dorm room. Here you will know anything related to dorm room decorations. Hopefully you enjoy and soon do the practice. Let’s check it out.


First is decorating your door room by prettify the wall. If you are not able to paint the wall then you still have the chance to make the wall looks different. Well you can stick a wallpaper to the wall. The wallpaper itself is easy to find. You can buy it in a certain store. It also won’t damage the wall. Believe it, this one works. The second is by having wall sticker. This is also quite simple and of course minimalist in the budget. Grab one or two in the store and you can put it on your dorm wall. There are also other option of dorm room decorations. It is posters and article from magazine you have.


For boys maybe you can put poster such as your favourite football club or musician. This is quite simple and easy to do right? Well there is nothing you need to think of. Do this now! The next dorm room decorations can be  article from magazine. Usually magazine has several interesting article, and of course you can take the advantage of by cut down article you like and stick it on your wall by plester. The last is by having several printed pictures of yours or others and secure them with frame. It shouldn’t be picture of yours it could be your favourite pictures you find in anything.

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