Picking Dining Room Rug for Perfection

rugs under dining room table

Adding the rug to the dining room is not only about bringing aesthetic look toward your dining room which is admired by anybody who enter it, but it is something beyond. Your rug has many functions than you can imagine. Thinking of its versatility, what things that can be done by a dining room rug? Rug that covers your dining room can be a thing which avoids your flooring from scratch and spills. More than that, your feet when you step there barefoot, rug can comfort your feet. Therefore, put your consideration about installing rug in your dining room, can enhance both the appearance and the performance of your dining room.


However, picking a rug, it is not something very easy to do. Since, if it is too large or too small, you lost its versatility. Then, what to do? Before thinking about the color or the pattern of your dining room rug, it is better for you think about the size of the rug since, this one takes pivotal role for you to have a perfect rug in your dining room beyond anything else. Speaking about its size, when you pick a rug, be sure it is four feet wider and longer toward your table. However, if you confuse about the size, rather than you measure the room size, measure your table.


Then, after finish about the perfect size that you need for your rug, the next important thing for you to consider is the rug shape. Rectangular, in fact, is very popular rug shape, but guess what? You can choose square, long narrow shape, or round shape for the shape of your dining room rug, but be thoughtful about the size. The other things you must always remember if you want to have a perfect rug for dining room are; its material, its pattern and color, and the last one is its pad. Apply all of the thumb rules, and then your rug will serve your dining room right.

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