One More On How To Decorate A Small Living Room

how to decorate a small narrow living room


You may have heard pretty many about how to decorate a small living room, since now more and more of us have to deal with a tighter and tighter space. But no worry, since tighter space is actually a blessing in disguise. Tighter space allows more effective and efficient arrangement, and it encourages anyone to be a smart arranger. To be the very least, it makes us seek the ideal arrangement that will let people still be able to move in a tight and tight traffic. Only smart moves can make small living room looks comfortable and inviting. Besides, why need a larger one if even the small one can accommodate all?


Even we probably already have pretty many in mind and have made it came into practical; it is still to be discovered that there are more on how to decorate a small living room.  You may have known living room furniture scaling down, and the use of the mirror, and the use of bright colour palette. If you not yet known the use of eye catching focal point, you now can add it in the list. The use of centred focal point in your room, very probably in the dominant side of wall, can help in distracting the attention from an actually tight room and eventually make the room feels larger.


So, play it now. Choose a centre focal point at your living room; the bolder, the better. It can be a big painting with big personalities, weird and wonderful clock, or simply a wall decorative you get in one of your world travel journey. The more the living room focal point unique, the larger your living room appears. It is a little tricky way on how to decorate a small living room, may be added with another one, probably as simple as good bake.

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