How to Choose Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

how to make dining room chair slipcovers

Slipcover in an affordable solution to update the look of the dining chairs. You do not need to spend a lot of money to replace your chairs since you simply apply dining room chair slipcovers, it could bring a new atmosphere in your dining room. One important thing to note is the quality of the materials. You should choose affordable material that is easy to clean. There are many types of fabric that can be selected in accordance with your budget and the concept of the room. It includes nylon, polyester, cotton, and suede. These entire materials look attractive depends on your needs. Therefore, before choosing slipcovers, you should seek information to obtain the most appropriate material.

Among the fabrics that are offered, most homeowners choose nylon fiber as raw material for slipcovers. It has a high resistance to water. This means that it is not easy to absorb water, so the dining room chair slipcovers are protected from moisture and dust. Another alternative is suede. Its basic characteristics are similar to leather. Therefore, suede is not hot and very soft to the touch. It is suitable for those who apply luxurious classic design for dining room. However, if you want the cheaper material, choose the synthetic slipcovers.

In general, synthetic material is known as Oscar. Although this has the durability under the leather, it has the very attractive physical appearance. After understanding the types of materials for slipcovers, you also have to learn the techniques to treat and clean the dining room chair slipcovers. If you choose the common fabric like cotton and polyester, you simply wash it with water and detergent. You can do it yourself at home or even bring it to the laundry service. When washing, never brush slipcovers because this could damage the fabric fibers.

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