Eye-catching Living Room Drapes in Monochrome Color

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Living room drapes which you choose in stylish and monochrome color, somehow can be used as trick in order to enlarge your living room size in visual. Well, of course, you do not need to worry about the size of your living, whether it is big or small, you still can get enough sophisticated living room by giving them a final touch up in perfection. Furthermore, drapes style also be another key to persuade comfortable and convenience ambiance upon your living room, both for yourself and also for the guest. So, here some other tricks to be applied as final touch up into your living room.


Well, the minimalist look used as drape style should be the best option after all since it can be easily compact with another living room furniture, place together inside the living room. With the minimalist, which provide the simple style and model, you do not need to worry that the living room drapes may look too outstanding compare with another furniture. Moreover, the monochrome color which you choose, such as black and white, also bring fresh air inside your living room. Yet, do not forget to add some cute drape hanger over the window as detail of the drape.


Place some drapes inside your living room does not mean you are forget about the air circulation, since air circulation, along with the window availability and also ventilation, is really important. Thus, you need to open the drape and tie it up on the hanger gradually, on the morning, so that you can get enough light and air as well. In addition, you can also get eye-catching and high-end drapes in style by choose the double layer living room drapes, so that you it will cover your window perfectly from the outside. So, are you ready to build up?

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