DIY Painted Dining Room Table

painted dining room table and chairs ideas

One economical way to save your money and to revitalize your old color of dining room table is with the do it yourself painted dining room table. You can do the painted dining table by yourself so that you will get the new look of your dining table. You just have to know well how to paint your dining table so you can do your best and your dining table will look like the new one. You might to check this one if you want to paint your dining table by yourself.


Do you want to know what the things that you will need for the DIY painted dining room table? You have to provide drop cloth, well ventilated workspace, gloves, work clothes, face mask, protective eyewear, 100, 150, 220 grit sandpaper, sanding block, orbital hand sender, wood primer paint, paper towel, soft cloth rags, hand vacuum cleaner, brushes, small roller, and the optional that you might to use or not is high gloss polyurethane or water based clear satin.


First, you should cover your work place with drop cloth. Second, you should remove any surface barriers in your dining table to adhesion of the new paint. Third, you should sanding your dining table previously finished table in several stages by using 100 and then 150 and the last using 220 grit. Fourth, you should remove the sanding residue by using hand vacuum cleaner or soft cloths. Fifth, you should cover all the surfaces with a thin coat of the primer paint. Sixth, brush your thin coat in the top coat paint primed surfaces. Seventh, you should sand fully lightly of dried top coat surfaces in your dining table with 220 grit paper. And the last for DIY painted dining room table is you should apply the single coat by using the clear polyurethane for protecting your dining table from hard use.

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